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Medical Physics Unit at IRCH is looking after radiation related research in medical imaging, image quality in mammography, CT scan, ultrasound, radiography, fluoroscopy and angiography, radiation dosimetry in patient in imaging, reduction of dose without compromising diagnostic information, radiation protection and measurement of radiation dose to staff and attendants, irradiation of blood bag before blood transfusion to patients, radiation protection survey for radiological imaging installation (CT scanner, x-rays, mammography) all over AIIMS, Quality Assurance of medical film processors, darkrooms, x-ray units, x-ray reporting rooms, film illuminators and continuous quality improvement in radiological services to patients and doctors. Our activity includes staff and public education regarding radiation safety, besides imparting knowledge (in form of regular classes) in the field of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety to MD (radiology), MBBS students, B.Sc. Radiography, Human biology students, nursing students and other interested groups and individuals- which includes trainees from other hospitals not only from India but abroad as well. The unit provides consultation in any untoward accidental radiation exposure to patient, public or staff. Our endeavour make radiation installations safe for public, staff and public for which there is a great concern now-a-days. Optimisation and maximum utilization of images and development of  ways to reduce patient and public radiation doses are going to be touch-stone for comparison of services provided by different hospitals in medical imaging. Medical Physics Unit, therefore, is working for quality in medical imaging at AIIMS.