Nuclear Medicine is a branch of medical science where radionuclides are used for diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.  Discovery of artificial radioactivity and development of nuclear reactors and particle accelerators have played a significant role in  radiotracer technology. Organ/tissue specific compounds, known as radiopharmaceuticals, are administered to the patient for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Nuclear medicine imaging and non-imaging procedures provide important information about functional status of the body organs. Radiotracer technology made it possible to define disease in terms of physiology and biochemistry rather than anatomy or histopathology. Ultrasonography, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) continue to define disease on the basis of abnormal structure. Single photon emission tomography (SPECT) permits 3D reconstruction of data, increasing the sensitivity and anatomical localization of lesions in the skeleton, brain and heart. The sensitivity of localization of tumors is also increased. We are lucky to have such a system soon in our facility at our institute.In nuclear medicine the emphasis is on function and chemistry rather than structure. Radioactive tracers of glucose, fatty acids, amino acids make it possible to examine the growth and development of the organs of the body, the regeneration and repair when injured, and the response to drugs. Advances in molecular biology have made a dramatic impact on the practice of medicine. This has led to the birth of “Molecular Nuclear Medicine”. Studies with receptor based radiopharmaceuticals provide insight into the biochemical processes of proteins as they carry out instructions from genetic coding. These studies are possible with the help of positron emission tomography (PET) . A PET system has been approved and may be added within a year or two to the department.

           Radionuclides are also used for therapy of malignant and non-malignant conditions. A lot of progress has taken place over the past few years in therapeutic nuclear medicine. With the use of suitable radiopharmaceuticals targeted therapy is also possible.                      






1.  Prof. A. K. Padhy         Professor of Nuclear Medicine & HOD (on an assignment to  

                                            Vienna as Head of Nuclear Medicine Section)





2. Prof. A. Malhotra           Professor of Nuclear Medicine and  Head of the Department


            Area of Interest: 1. Nuclear Cardiology


3. Dr. G.P. Bandopadhyaya   Additional Professor (Radiopharmacy)


            Area of Interest: 1. RadioPharmacy


4. Dr. G.S. Pant   Additional Profesor (Medical Physics)


Area of Interest: Medical Physics, Radiation safety ,Radiation cytogenicities and

                           Dosimetry as relevant to the Nuclear Medicine



5. Dr. C.S. Bal Associate Professor (Nuclear Medicine)



Area of Interest : Neuro and therapeutic Nuclear Medicine,



6. Dr. Rakesh Kumar: Assistant Professor (Nuclear Medicine)


            Area of Interest: Nephro –urology , treatment of  thyrotoxicosis and others


7. Dr. A. Maini Assistant Professor (Nuclear Medicine)


            Area of Interest: Nephro-urology


In addition the department has one Senior Scientific Officer (SSO)  and Senior resident.  There are five nuclear medicine technologists including one Senior Technical  Officer.There are about 10 postgraduate students working as junior residents (pursuing  MD Nuclear Medicine). Department also has Ph.D. programme. Many students have done Ph.D. from the department in the past and presently there is one Ph.D. candidate in the department.


Department has been actively involved both in clinical and basic research details of which is available   



Ongoing Research Projects:



Ongoing Research Project:


1.      Dosimetry in Grans” disease treated with I-131( funded by IERB, Mumbai).

2.      Development and validation of an internet based clinical and technical study communication system for Nuclear Medicine (funded by IAEA, Vienna).



1.                  Low dose radio iodine therapy of Cancer thyroid

2.                  To evaluate the role of Tc-99m-Tetrofosmin gated spect in assessment of restenosis: comparison with T1-201 spect.

3.                  Captoprel enhanced diuretic scintigraphy in antenatally diagnosed obstructive hydronephrosis.

4.                  Role of 99Tc tratraphophmin gated spect in detecting CAD in diabetes patients with additional risk factor :comparison with 201Tl spect

5.                  Comparison of 99m Tc- LLEC , 99m Tc- MAG3 and 131I OIH in renal transplant patients.

6.                  Detection of accessory systems: thr ITP patient post splenectonory,

7.                  Comparison of captopril and losartan DTPA renal scintigraphy in the detection of renal artery stenasis.







Curriculum Vitae



Name :                                                     G. S. PANT


Date of birth :                                         20th October, 1945


Educational qualifications:                   -M.Sc. (Physics) 1969

                                                                 -Ph.D. (1981)


Ph.D. Thesis: Radiation induced chromosome aberrations and their significance in

                        Biological Dosimetry



Specialised training:                            -Short  term   training  from BARC,  Bombay  on  

                                                                safe  use of radiations in Medicine  (1972)


                                                              -Two  years  training  in Radiobiology  (Radiation

                                                               Cytogenetics -  Biological  Dosimetry),  

                                                               Hiroshima university, Japan   (1975-77).


                                                              -Three  months visit  to Hiroshima,  under  INSA/  

                                                                JSPS  exchange  programme  to  work in  human  

                                                                Radiation Cytogenetics (1984).


                                                              -Three   months   visit  to  the  dept.  of   Nuclear 

                                                               Medicine, St. Barts Hospital London to work on  

                                                               Image processing and Quality control of Nuclear  

                                                               Medicine  instrumentation   particularly  gamma 

                                                               camera (SPECT)systems (1994).


Date of joining AIIMS :                      15th May, 1971


Positions held  :                                    Medical Physicist, Department of Radiotherapy,  

                                                              AIIMS, New - Delhi (1971 to 1985).


                                                               Lecturer (Medical  Physics)  Dept.  of   Nuclear

   Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi (September 85  to 

   Dec, 85)


Assistant  Professor (Med. Phy.)  Dept.  of Nuclear   Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi (January, 86 to June, 1990)


Associate Professor (Med   Phy) Dept. of Nuclear        Medicine,  AIIMS,  New Delhi   (July, 90 to June 1994)



Present position held:                         Addtional    Professor   (Medical   Physics),  and   

Radiation   Safety   Officer,    Dept.  of   Nuclear  Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi –29 (India)



Professional experience:                    Experience  of working as a Medical Physicist  and  

                                                              Radiation   Safety Officer  in   the  department   of

  Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, AIIMS, New       

  Delhi,  India.  Experience  in Radiation Dosimetry   

  Particularly   in   Biological    Dosimetry   both  in 

  radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. Experience  of 

  handling     all   the  imaging    and   non –imaging 

  equipment    and    associated   computers   in   the  

  specialty  of Nuclear Medicine.


Teaching:                                             Experience    of     teaching     Medical     Physics, 

                                                              Radiobiology  and  Radiation  Protection  to  post-  

                                                              graduate  students  in  Radiotherpay  and  Nuclear        

                                                              Medicine (more than 25 years).



Research:                                             Research   experience   in    Medical  Physics  and 

                                                              Radiation  Biology  using Cytogenetic techniques

                                                              In Radiation Dosimetry for more than 25 years.


                                                              Has been chief Scientific investigator in 4 research 

                                                              Projects  funded  by  Indian  Council  of    Medical 

                                                              Research (ICMR),   International  Atomic   Energy 

                                                              Agency (IAEA)  and  Atomic  Energy   Regulatory 

                                                              Board (AERB)


                                                              Supervised  thesis  work  of three Ph D students in    

                                                              Medical  Physics  at  AIIMS.  ( Chief guide to two 

                                                              and co-guide to one thesis)                              




Expert assignments:                            Indian   Technical   Expert   at   Nuclear  Medicine     

                                                              Imaging  centre,  Bir Hospital,  Kathmandu, Nepal  

                                                              (Sept, 87 to March,91)     


                                                              Visiting    Professor, Dept. of Radiology Tribhuvan

                                                              University, Kathmandu (1989 to 1991)


Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Biology, Wad Medani, Sudan for one month (Sept-Oct, 95) as  an  IAEA  expert  for  quality                                                        acceptance and teaching/training of the local staff in quality control and radiation protection in Nuclear Medicine.


Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia for one month                                                         May- June,  1996 as an IAEA expert  for quality                                                         acceptance testing and training of the local staff                                                         in QC procedures, handling of instrumentation                                                          and radiation safety.


                                                       Department   of   Nuclear   Medicine,   Mongolian                                                       

                                                       National   University,  Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, as  

                                                       IAEA  expert  for  quality  acceptance   testing  of 

                                                       Gamma  Camera  and  other instruments. To  train                                                        

                                                       the  local  staff  in  QC  procedures  and Radiation

                                                       safety for 2 weeks in August, 1997.


                                                       International  Atomic  Energy Agency, Head Qtrs,           

                                                       Vienna, Austria for one week (April 20-24), 1998 

                                                       to  attend  the  consultants meeting on multimedia 

                                                       and computer aided learning in Nuclear Medicine.


                                                       Division   of  Nuclear  Medicine,  Department  of

                                                       Radiology,  Faculty   of   Medicine,   Chiang  Mai  

                                                       University,Thailand for 2 weeks (8-21 Nov, 1998)   

                                                       as  an  IAEA  expert  to  assess and advise on safe

                                                       practice in radioiodine therapy of  Ca-thyroid. 


                                                       Department of Nuclear Medicine, Tran Hung Dao,  

                                                       General Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam for 1 week (13-

                                                       18 Sept,1999)  as  an  IAEA  expert  to assess and 

                                                       advise  on  safe  practice in radioiodine therapy of  



                                                               Division  of   Nuclear  Medicine,  Ocean    Road 

                                                               Cancer Hospital, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania as an 

                                                               IAEA expert for quality acceptance of a SPECT 



Honours/Awards:                                 President  UP  Delhi  Chapter  of  Association of 

                                                               Medical Physicists of India (AMPI) (1999-2001)


                                                               Secretary II Society of Nuclear Medicine (India) 



                                                               Fellow of Indian College of Nuclear Medicine


                                                               PhD Examiner to Mumbai, Kerala and Bangalore



                                                               Member,   Editorial   Board,    Indian  Journal  of 

                                                               Nuclear Medicine


                                                               Member, British  Nuclear Medicine Society


                                                               Referee  to  evaluate  research projects  in Indian 

                                                               Council of  Medical Research  in the specialty of 

                                                               Nuclear Medicine


                                                               Expert in the selection committee for scientists in 

                                                               One of the national organisations       


                                                               Member,   NABL  for  accreditation   of   Nuclear 

                                                               Medicine  Laboratories, Department  of   Science

                                                               and Technology, India


                                                               Member, Ethics committee for research using 

                                                               animals, AIIMS, New Delhi, India                



Membership/fellowship in

professional societies :                        LIFE MEMBER OF :


-         Association of  Medical   Physicists  of India/  


                                                             -     Indian  Association  of  Radiation Protection.

                                                             -     Society   of   Nuclear    Medicine  (India).

                                                             -     Northern Chapter of SNM (India)

                                                             -     Indian   Society  for   Radiation-Biology.                                      

-         Association  of  Indian  Radiation Oncology 



-         Association  of the recepients  of Jap. Govt. 



                                                             -    Member UP-Delhi chapter, AMPI



Organisation of scientific:                    Organised several scientific meetings such as:

meetings (conferences/                             1. Seminar on “Recent advances in physics of

seminars/symposia/                                       Nuclear Medicine”, 1992

workshops)                                                2. Seminar on “Biological Aspects of  Human 

                                                                        Irradiation”, 1994

                                                                    3. Workshop  on  Quality  Control of Nuclear 

                                                                        Medicine Instrumentation, 1996                                                                   

                                                                    4. Refresher course in Radiation Safety, 1997

                                                                    5. Seminar on Radiation Safety for  Unsealed 

                                                                        Sources, 1997

                                                                    6. Seminar  on  Recent  advances  in  Medical

                                                                        Physics, 1999

                                                                    7. Workshop  on  Monte-Carlo  Technique  in

                                                                        Radiation Dosimetry, 1999

        8. Research    coordinator     meeting    of   the  

            International     Atomic     Energy    Agency

(IAEA),  Vienna on 13 –17 Dec. 1999, New


                                                                   9. Seminar   on    Medical    Physics  in   next

                                                                        millennium, 2000

                                                                   10. National    Symposium  on   Statistical  and

                                                                         Mathematical        Techniques    in  Nuclear

                                                                         Medicine, 16-17 Feb. 2000, AIIMS




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