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Dr. Puneet Misra is a member of the Medical faculty at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He has done his residency in Preventive Medicine and in Pediatrics. He has over fifteen years of experience as Physician, Researcher, & Teacher of Community Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health. He has worked and actively participated in research and academics at various institutions in India and abroad. He has served as a member of the Executive Committee of Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine for many years. He is also -

·     Member – Regional Institute Central Zone for HIV Sentinel Surveillance, NACO, Govt Of India, responsible for HSS activity in five states of India for technical support and quality control.

·     Member – Telemedicine Committee of AIIMS and In charge Telemedicine Facility at CRHSP-AIIMS, Ballabgarh.

·     Team member of Consensus Development for Cut-offs of Measures of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, Physical activity for Asian Indians.

·     Fellow Indian Public Health Association

·     Life Member Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine, Indian Public Health Association, International Epidemiology Association, Asia Oceania Research Organization for Genital Infections and Neoplasia


Interest areas:


  • Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, NAFLD, Injury Prevention
  • Intervention on diet, physical activity, and related factors to prevent Non communicable diseases.
  • Reproductive and sexual Health, HIV Surveillance
  • Clinical Practice - Family Medicine
  • Health and Hospital administration, Health Insurance


  • A study of tobacco consumption in villages under CRHSP, Ballabgarh, Haryana

  • Innovative Culturally Appropriate Intervention Package to Reduce Low Birth Weight

  • To study the prevalence of Rheumatic Heart Disease among children of5 -15 years age group in Ballabhgarh block of Haryana using echocardiography with Doppler.

  • Indoor air pollutants and Behaviour Assessment of rural community to reduce health effects

  • Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its selected socio-behavioral determinants among females aged more than 20 years residing in a rural area of Haryana

  • A Pilot Study on Menstrual Hygiene and practices of rural women and their willingness to pay for low cost sanitary pads

  • Development of Appropriate Prevention and Intervention Strategies For Non-Communicable Nutrition-Related Disorders among Women in Post-Reproductive Period: A Multi-Site Study.

  • Strengthening Rural Health Services using IT

  • Development of a model for integrated management of Non-Communicable diseases through existing health system in India

  • School-Based Healthy Lifestyle Program in Ballabgarh

  • Reliability and Validity of GPAQ and IPAQ

  • Effect of consumption of micronutrient-fortified candies on iron and vitamin A status of children aged 3-6 years in Rural Haryana

  • Field Testing of psychosis identification questionnaire in the community of CRHSP, Ballabgarh, India for WHO- SEARO

  • Validation of an Adult Verbal Autopsy Tool at CRHSP Ballabgarh.

  • Feasibility of introducing dried Blood spot (DBS) for HIV Sentinel Surveillance and assessment of quality of HIV testing

  • A study of knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about AIDS & Human sexuality among Medical, Engineering & University under graduates.


PUBLICATION in last 5 Years

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Book Chapter

16.    Xirasagar, S., Misra, Puneet. Global health and Health Systems, India’s Health System, in Johnson, J.A. and Stoskopf C.H. (Editors) Comparative Health Systems, global Perspective. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, Boston, MA. – published 2009, pages 237-258