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Ms. Asha Bhushan

Designation Senior Technical Officer
Email agautam@aiims.ac.in, ashaykb@yahoo.com
Contact Number +91-11-26594608, +91-11-26593201
Research Interests

High Intensity Protein data collection ;  Structure data Processing and refinement Cryo-cooling







Selected for attending  "The XIX IUCr Congress and General Assembly in Geneva” 2002
The Outstanding scientist of the 21st century award by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge in 2007
Bursary for the 9th International conference on Biology and Synchrotron radiation from 13-17 August 2007  
Invited by  Prof. Kyriacos Petratos for  structure determination (BIOXIT) course in crystallography i
Selected for the “International conference on Neuton scattering’ ICANS-XIX”  
Selected for attending the CCP4 study weekend, 2010, East Midland, England.        
Recent Significant Publications






















Kumar S, Singh N, Sinha M, Dube D, Singh SB, Bhushan A, Kaur P, Srinivasan A, Sharma S, Singh TP.(2010): Crystal structure determination and inhibition studies of a novel xylanase and alpha-amylase inhibitor protein (XAIP) from Scadoxus multiflorus. FEBS J.: 277(13):2868-82. 
Mir, R., Singh, N., Vikram, G.,  Sinha, M., Bhushan, A., Kaur, P., Srinivasan, A., Sharma, S. & Singh, T.P. (2010).  Structural and binding studies of C-terminal half (C-lobe) of lactoferrin protein with COX-2-specific non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). Arch. Biochem. Biophy.  500 , 196  - 202  
Mir R, Kumar RP, Singh N, Vikram GP, Sinha M, Bhushan A, Kaur P, Srinivasan A, Sharma S, Singh TP. (2010). Specific interactions of C-terminal half (C-lobe)  of lactoferrin protein with edible sugars: binding and structural studies with implications on diabetes.  Int J Biol Macromol.47,  50-9. 
Sheikh, I.A., Singh, A.K.,  Singh, N., Sinha, M., Singh, S.B., Bhushan, A., Kaur, P., Srinivasan, A., Sharma, S. & Singh, T.P. (2009). Structural evidence of substrate specificity in mammalian peroxidases: Structure of the thiocyanate complex with lactoperoxidase and its interactions at 2.4A resolution. J.  Biol.  Chem.  284, 14849  - 14856.
Singh, A.K., Kumar, R.P., Pandey, N.,  Singh, N., Sinha, M.,  Bhushan, A.,Kaur, P.,  Sharma, S.   &  Singh, T.P. (2009). Mode of binding of the tuberculosis prodrug isoniazid to peroxidases: Crystal structure of bovine lactoperoxidase with isoniazid at 2.7A resolution. J.  Biol.  Chem.  285  ,  1569 - 1576   
Mir, R., Singh, N., Vikram, G., Kumar, R.P., Sinha, M., Bhushan, A., Kaur, P., Srinivasan, A., Sharma, S. & Singh, T.P. (2009)). Structural basis of the prevention  NSAID-induced damage of the gastrointestinal tract by C-terminal half (C-lobe)  of bovine colostrums protein lactoferrin: Binding andstructural studies of the C-lobe complexes with indomethacin, diclofenac, aspirin and ibuprofen. Biophys.  J.  97,  3178 – 3186   
Singh, R.K., Ethayathulla, A.S., Jabeen, T.,  Sharma, S.,  Kaur, P.  &  Singh, T.P. (2005) . Aspirin induces its anti-inflammatory effects through its specific binding to phospholipase A2 : Crystal structure of the complex formed between phospholipase A2 and aspirin at 1.9 Å resolution.  J. Drug Target.  13 ,  113 – 119.  
Jabeen ,T.,Sharma,S.,Singh,N.,Bhushan,A &Singh,T.P.(2005) Structure of the Zinc –saturated C-terminal lobe of the bovine lactoferin at 2.0 A resolution: Acta Crystallogr D61,1107-1115

Kumar, J., Ethayathulla, A.S., Srivastava, D.B., Singh, N., Sharma, S., Bhushan,A., Kaur, P., Srinivasan, A., Singh, T.P. (2007) Carbohydrate- binding properties of goat secretory glycoprotein (SPG -40) and its functional implications: Crystal structures of the Native Glycoprotein and its four complexes with chitin –like oligosaccharides. Acta Cryst. D63, 437-46.

V.Mishra, A.S.Ethayathulla, R.S.Sharma, S.Yadav, Bhushan, A., R.Krauspenhaar, C.Betzel, C.R.Babu and T.P.Singh, Structure of a novel ribosome-inactivatig protein from a hemi-parasitic plant inhabiting the northwestern Himalayas, Acta Cryst.(2004).D60, 2295-2304