A wide spectrum of activities are undertaken by the Rehabilitation Team and thus catering to a variety of patients. To give few examples, patients with neck or back pain, knee pain, various joint disorders, developmental disorders like cerebral palsy, neurological conditions like stroke, spinal cord injuries etc. It is not an overstatement to say that any person might benefit with a Rehabilitation intervention. Patients are initially seen by the specialist doctors who are responsible for the accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

General OPD is conducted by the Resident Doctors along with the Faculty Members. Days of availability of most doctors during the week are fixed.

How to see the doctors in the OPD:
  1. Registration in OPD is mandatory to seek consultation and treatment: All patients coming for consultation/treatment, either reporting directly to PMR OPD or referred from other OPDs of AIIMS or other hospitals are required to be registered in the PMR OPD.
  2. Registration Counters: Exclusive registration counters are located in the PMR OPD. This is done to facilitate patients with limited mobility. For timings, please see below.
  3. Location: PMR OPD is located on the ground floor, about 100 meters towards east of the main OPD (behind Rajkumari Amrit Kaur OPD Block).  The registration counter is located near the entrance of the PMR OPD.
  4. Consultation Timings: Doctors are generally available during morning hours in the OPD from 9 AM onwards until the all the patients registered on that day in the PMR OPD are seen.
  5. Further information on OPD services can be had by clicking here
  6. Registration timings: for the PMR OPD are a little extended (by half an hour), compared to most of the OPDs in the hospital. This has been done keeping in view the limited mobility of most patients coming to seek services of this department.
Working Days
Monday to Saturday.

Closed Days
Sundays and
Gazetted Holidays as notified by Government of India (Central) for Delhi Region.

Registration Timings
Monday through Friday: 8.30AM to 11.00 AM
Saturdays: 8.30 AM to 10.30 AM

(As per AIIMS policy)
New patients: Rs 10/-
Referred from other OPDs of AIIMS (If seen in the same calendar year): Nil.
Old patients (subsequent visits in the same calendar year): Nil.
BPL (poor) Patients: Nil.

Patients registered in the OPD are seen by the resident doctors and faculty.  However, if they are desirous of seeing the faculty members directly, it is advisable to fix prior appointment with them. Each faculty member has his system of giving appointments.

OPD Schedule of Faculty Members:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Dr Sanjay Wadhwa
Dr SL Yadav

Dr U Singh
Dr Gita Handa
Dr Srikumar V

Method to seek appointments with Dr U Singh, Professor and Head:
  1. The appointments are released for the subsequent 15 days period only on two days of the month as follows:
    i. On the 15th of the month.
    ii. On the last working day of the month.
    iii. If any of the above dates happens to be a gazetted holiday/Sunday, appointments are given one day prior to this date.
  2. To seek appointments, please see the personal secretary to Dr U Singh, in person at 10 AM, in the office of the department.
  3. If any appointments are available after the above (as in ‘2’ above), appointments can be fixed on the telephone.
  4. Keeping in view the trend of the past few months, the number of patients seeking appointments is large.  The appointments are generally exhausted on the same day in a short time itself, leaving little chance for any telephonic appointments later.
  5. Registration at the registration counter of the PMR OPD is essential for all patients prior to coming for consultation.  Appointment list for the day is available with the registration counter.

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